* Take note that this method of 4D Prediction is not taught anywhere , not even any Taoist masters.
* It is self-improvised, tested and proven of it's high accuracy of seeking Lottery Numbers directly from the "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman.

Roll the Talisman around the Shaking Cup filled with numbers. Tighten with a Rubber Band.

As a form of respect and calling upon the Gods Of Wealth, always light up incense sticks, joss sticks or burn the Kominyan Powder.

Whisper to the Gods of Wealth or speak from your heart and ask for the upcoming Lottery Numbers - Pick 3/ Pick 4 / 4D / Lotto / Toto etc..

Once a number has flung out from the cup , record the number and put it back and repeat 3 more times.

When the Lottery Results are out, You will be surprised how close the Lottery Numbers given from the Gods Of Wealth are compare to the TOP 3 Prizes. Usually you will strike the Lottery or miss by 1 number on TOP 3 Prizes ,which is a way to inform you of their presence.