How Does Taoist Talisman Work?

From the perspective of a western mind, it is difficult to comprehend, how a piece of colored paper or cloth with weird looking characters can produce extreme divine power to instruct deities, or even worse ... summon spirits to do their bidding, or as tools for exorcism and also as medicine for ailments.

Different Taoist lineages have their unique frameworks on creating Talismans.

Does it work?

As long as the talisman is correctly done, it will confirm work, regardless of your race, langauge or religion.

The purpose of using a Taoist Talisman is to have the fastest effect in the shortest time possible. However, it will only rectify a problem temporarily.

Example, if you were to strike Lottery by using the power of a Talisman and then , instead of using the financial windfall to invest or build a business, you use the money to re-gamble on Casino and Cards, you are going back to square one or get yourself deeper into debts.

If the problem is deeply rooted on some karmic influence, then it is similar to taking paracetamol for a brain tumor.

Burning and displaying talisman would help for the energy of a house, however if the Feng Shui is not suitable for the person, then all effects are only for a short period of time.