How Is Taoist Talisman Created?

Creating a Powerful Genuine Taoist Talisman, is a tedious process.

Typically, common procedures are:
1st: Invitation Of Deities
2nd: Inform or report to the deities about the intention.
3rd: Chant the prayers and bless the items needed to draw the talisman.
4th: While drawing the talisman, the master chant several secret verses into the talisman.
5th: After finish drawing, they have to activate the talisman.

The person who write talismans must be initiated and given approvals by deities or permission from deities via grandmasters of a lineage be it Zheng Yi, Mao Shan, Lu Shan or other taoist schools and sect.

Drawing Of Talisman:

The Taoist Master has to request the deities to descend their energy onto him by chanting specific mantra of the lineage. This is to inform the deities, that one of the disciple is now requesting the energy to do a spiritual process.

Hand Mudras are also performed during the process of Talismans Drawing as well.

Each specific symbols on the talisman have a specific code and mantra that must be chanted while drawing the talisman. Without this, the talisman is just a piece of Calligraphic Junk.

Absolute concentration is needed when drawing the Talisman. If any strokes gone wrong, the talisman is rendered useless.

Seal/ Official Stamping of Talisman:
After writing the required specific characters onto the talisman, they are then seal with special chops of signs of deities depending on the sects which the deities are invoked from or lineage.

When all is done,the drawing process of Talisman is completed.

Empowering the Talisman:
The talismans drawn will be taken to the Altar, facing the deities for the purpose of official reporting through specific mantra and to seek for their divine energy to empower the talismans.

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