Why Introduce Talismans To The Public?

Taoist Talismans have been kept and used personally for many years.

The same Talismans being promoted have not only help me but also to family members, neighbors, friends and Army Camp-mates such as dislodging fish bone from the throat, getting rid of ghosts, prevent unforeseen dangers, shutting up the mouths of backstabbers in the work place and striking the lottery etc.

Initially, there is no intention to display, promote or sell anything on Taoist Talismans.

Sharing the methods of seeking Lottery Numbers from Kumantongs, provide 4D Prediction Service and selling Kumantongs and Lup-Yongs to the believers is enough for me.

Then Why Still Promote Talismans?

As time goes, more and more folks seeking help email me and ask for alternative method in striking Lottery instead of having to keep Kumantongs, because the thoughts of keeping Child Spirits to stay with him or her not only freak them out but also will scare the hell out of the Whole Family or any guests coming to their house.

Another true fact is I am a Super Lazy Person. The idea of having to spend time and energy to create another Blog or Website make me stop from starting.

A lazy person like me will feel there is no need to help others as long as I am happy with my own life. 

Taoist Talismans were sold secretly to folks who happened to ask for help on alternative way in winning Lottery and also solutions to other problems.

Soon, same questions are coming to my email inbox from the public and same replies have to send back to them and same talismans are being sold to them.

This repetitive routine gets on my nerves and it pushes me to complete  "TALISMAN 4 U " Blog as fast as possible to let the public get the needed information on Talismans  before they ever send me any email.

Encouragement has also been given by close buddies :" Bro, Why not create another Blog to promote the Talismans that You got for us? The Talismans have help me to solve my issues, I am sure many other people will also benefit from them too.", which is another reason that prompt me to set up Talisman 4 U Blog and promote Taoist Talismans.

Thus, this is how and why "Talismans 4 U " and sales on Taoist Talismans is started.

Take note that , I don't and no need to promote too many Taoist Talismans like other Websites.

Only 2 types are promoted:

With these 2 talismans with you, You don't need anymore other talismans. You don't have to buy and buy any more talismans again. You save your money, I save my time to slack at one corner.

When You strike Lottery or the Talismans help you solve any problems, just send me "Token Of Appreciation".

Taoist Talismans promoted are personally carried and tested of their efficacy.

Don't ask me which Taoist Lineage the Talismans belong to. I don't know and I also don't question the Taoist Master  about it.

All I know and also all you have to know is the Taoist Talismans promoted here are real and powerful.


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