How to Use Protection All In One Talisman

Protection All In One Talisman 
a.k.a "36 Heavenly Warriors" Talisman

How To Be Informed and Be Protected From Any Upcoming Impending Danger?:
By carrying the Protection All One Talisman, if there is any accidents about to happen to You, Your gut feeling ( intuition / 6th sense) will tell You not to proceed any further and stay where You are.
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How To Tell Whether The Place Is Dirty:
By carrying the Protection All One Talisman, whenever there is impending danger or the play is dirty with ghosts or spirits , Your body will feel uneasy. You can sense something is not right and whether to proceed or stay behind will be guided by the Deities from the Talisman.

How To Fight Against Black Magic:
By carrying the Protection All In One Talisman, If Your drink or food have been spiked with Black Magic Potion, automatically they will be vomited out. If Sorcery is done on You, You are also shielded from all dangers by 36 Deities.

How To Dislodge Bone stuck on the throat:
Make sure You take the Talisman out from the plastic cover. Pour a mouthful of water inside your Mouth. Stroke the "Protection All In one" Talisman on your neck 3 times. On the 3rd stroke, swallow the mouthful of water together. The Bone is gone.

To Stop Blood From Oozing out from a Cut or Wound:
Clear the Blood from the Cut or Wound with the Talisman. After few strokes of the Talisman on the Cut or Wound, the Blood will stop oozing.

Activate a Taoist Altar
If Your Deity Statues are not consecrated, the Taoist Altar has no spiritual power and no spiritual protection against Black Magic, Evil Spirits and cannot bring prosperity and good luck into Your life and family.  Not many of You have the money to replace  the unconsecrated Deity Statues  with  new consecrated ones. There is a simple remedy to "spiritually activate" the whole altar immediately and that is to frame up and hang the "Protection All In One" Talisman , which is also known as Multi-Purpose "36 Heavenly Warriors" Talisman on the Altar.

 Activate a Taoist Altar with "36 Heavenly Warriors" Talisman

Examples Of Spiritually Empowered Taoist Altar


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