What is Taoist Talisman?

Taoist Talismans are commands or edicts from the spiritual realms, written in a special form of calligraphy that are created from utilizing symbols, Mantras and Mudras.

They can be seen in Yellow, Green, Red, White Papers or Clothes, depending on the purpose and usage of the Talismans.

Taoist Talismans may
1)Be burnt,
2)Hang on the Wall or Altar
3)Keep inside a wallet or bag
4)Burn into ash and put into a glass of water and drink it.

Taoist Talismans are used for several purposes such as:

1) Excel Academically
2) Improve Relationship
3) Ensure safety
4) Attract Wealth
5) Get Rid Of Evil Spirits
6) Protect From or Destroy Black Magic OR Sorcery
7) Prevent Unforeseen Accidents and Dangers
8) Dislodge Fish Bone stuck on the throat
and many more problems you name it can be solved.


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